San Juan Summer BBQ

The sun was out, the guests were hungry. 
My job was to make sure the food was great.

 Greek Salad over a bed of Organic Arugula
 Fresh 4 Bean Salad
 Ripe Melons and Skagit Blueberries
 Grilled onions, Sweet Hot Pickles, Chipolte Aioli, Sliced and Crumbled Cheeses
 Baskets of Burgers and Grilled Rosemary Chicken
 I think everyone had a great time

Knitting Retreats

San Juan Island is a destination for people from all over the world. I am the caterer for a a series of knitting workshops for Cat Bordhi at Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes. I see many of the participants twice a year, spring and fall. The workshops are so popular people book out a year in advance. It is like cooking for old friends. For lunch they like vegetarian soups, salads and savory bites. For dinner I offer flavorful healthy entrees with vegetarian options, usually a gluten free side dish and a variety of seasonal veggies. For dessert, I keep it small, but decadent.

Island Chicken Marabella with prunes,
capers and a balsamic and brown sugar glaze
Blanched Broccolini
Golden Beets
Mixed sweet black rice, short grain brown rice pilaf 
with sweet onions and zante currants

Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse


A Surprise Party is hard enough, but throwing it at a remote location where everything, all the food, tables and chairs and guests have to be barged in and set up with in hours, takes it to a whole new level. The home was still under construction so we went with the theme and used canvas drop clothes for linens and hung up strands of commercial lighting. In season local flowers and huckleberries were used for the center pieces. The menu featured local specialities, salmon, crab, spot prawns and fresh produce. We brought in a band too. 

We pulled it off and the hostess was "Blown Away!" 

Honoring Her German Heritage, Specially Desiged Menu

I enjoy helping my clients design menus to fit their events. The bride wanted an updated German theme to honor her mother along with traditional favorites. We served Schnitzel and Uli's Gourmet Sausages, a Butter Lettuce Salad with Dill Yogurt Dressing, Vegetarian Strudel and Bacon filled Latvian Piragas. Her mom loved the German Potato Salad. For dessert choose from mini German Chocolate or Plum Cake. It was a beautiful day to dine on the deck at Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes.

First Night BBQ, Family and Friends Arrive

The bright yellow sunflowers and red and white accents were the perfect complement for a summer pre-wedding BBQ. When guests arrived they had time to visit before the big day. Grilled Kobe Beef Burgers and all the fixings,  Sliced Melon, and Strawberry Rhubarb pies were on the menu. Both Ice Tea and Lemonade was served in Mason Jars chilled in tubs of ice.