Splendid Spring Wedding and Reception Lakedale Resort

Spring Wedding Season has officially started. 
This bride knew what she wanted and spent months planning out every detail. 
The beautiful setting across from the lodge at the Point at Lakedale, Rain Boots in case the weather didn't cooperate, Place Cards in beautiful Silver Napkin Rings, 
Custom Made Cupcake Toppers 
all added the personal touch she was looking for. 

Family Style Dinner Featuring
Wild Alaskan Troll Caught Salmon  
Red Wine and Coffee braised English cut Short Ribs

                                        Artisan Romaine Hearts, Cherry Tomato Medley
                         Bay Shrimp, Garlic Croutons drizzled with Green Goddess Dressing

   The toppers, "We Do" and "I Do"
 Say it all


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