everyone raved about your food!!! good time was had by all!!.... Creme brulee', Pot's de creme, fresh Halibut in Black Bean sauce, grilled Asparagus, Tuscan Bean and Tomaoto soup, Curried deviled Eggs, Layered Pesto Tortas....

Do I do Cakes?

                         Chocolate with White Chocolate Frosting
                               with Chocolate Dipped Berries

Do I do cakes.... Well I have 3 kids so over the years I have made a lot of cakes in all different shapes, sizes and flavors( my youngest loves dinosaurs!), but what most people mean is for WEDDINGS an SPECIAL OCCASIONS. What I say is" I make the kind of old fashion homemade cakes that make you want to back for a second bite, not big fancy formal cakes". Many times clients want to keep it simple. I have made towers of brownies with a small brownie cake on top to slice, strawberry short cakes and simple rustic stacked cakes in lemon, carrot cake and of course chocolate. Sometimes a few flowers or some berries is all you need to make it look great.

Chocolate Volcano and Dinosaurs with Lots of candy and frosting. 
The kids loved it.

Delicious Bites

I like to make sure that I do not repeat the exact same menu( unless they just have to have it!).
I love switching around the ingredients and trying new combinations.
They ate it all.
Crimini Mushroom, Leek and Gruyere Squares

Roasted Bacon wrapped Dates stuffed with Chorizo 

Curried Chicken Saldd topped with Mango on Coconut Crisps

Come and Get It

When I prepare meals for groups, I try to make each meal special. After a few days, they seem to show up earlier and earlier to see what will be for dinner. Tonight the menu was grilled Pork Tenderloin, served with an Island Plum Chutney, Roasted Tri colored Potatoes, grilled Asparagus, Balsamic glazed onions and Cranberry Beans for the vegetarians.