Do I do Cakes?

                         Chocolate with White Chocolate Frosting
                               with Chocolate Dipped Berries

Do I do cakes.... Well I have 3 kids so over the years I have made a lot of cakes in all different shapes, sizes and flavors( my youngest loves dinosaurs!), but what most people mean is for WEDDINGS an SPECIAL OCCASIONS. What I say is" I make the kind of old fashion homemade cakes that make you want to back for a second bite, not big fancy formal cakes". Many times clients want to keep it simple. I have made towers of brownies with a small brownie cake on top to slice, strawberry short cakes and simple rustic stacked cakes in lemon, carrot cake and of course chocolate. Sometimes a few flowers or some berries is all you need to make it look great.

Chocolate Volcano and Dinosaurs with Lots of candy and frosting. 
The kids loved it.

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